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Become one of our successful clients and partners who have greatly benefited from our cutting-edge real estate marketing and sales operations. Not only do we bring a level of sophistication to the table, but our effective investment consulting and HR expertise round out our offerings to create a holistic approach to helping your business thrive. Elevate your success with us at the helm.
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Transform Your Real Estate Projects into International Assets.


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Real Estate Marketing

Years of a strong presence in the real estate industry has given us the ability to provide you with high-quality marketing facilities. We not only create strategies that drive qualified traffic but also excel in B2B Data Management, where currently we handle huge amounts of databases.

Real Estate Sales

When you work with us, you will be relieved of the burden of managing the sales sector of your projects as you will have access to motivated talent who will not only guarantee that your company exceeds its goals but also maximizes its profits.

Real Estate Development

Regarding real estate development, we orchestrate the cooperation and coordination between landlords and development companies and strengthen the project by working with national and international investors.

Investment Consulting

Our team of skilled advisors provides investment consulting services to help you reach your goals. Our complete range of sophisticated tools is tailored to your specific objectives to guide you in solving your complex investment issues practically and effectively.

HR Management

Our HR team will be provided to you to upgrade your overall operational excellence. You will benefit not only from exclusive confidentiality but also from organizational efficiency. Backed up with years of experience in in-house HR management, our team will be easily accessible to you anytime.
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Our Partners Say It Best
Alena Bayram & Ahmet Bayram
Working with Nest Invest has proven to be a valuable asset for our agency. Their ethical standards, ethical practices, commitment to professionalism and respect for agencies' rights have optimized our efforts, resulting in increased property sales. We highly appreciate their dedication to ethical business practices and success in both local and global real estate market.
Alena Bayram & Ahmet Bayram
Owners Property Turkey Istanbul Real Estate Agency
As Viridis, we are happy to closely cooperate with Nest Invest. Their hands-on approach to support marketing and sales activities are of tremendous value to us. They do not consider themselves as a an external consultant but their team acts as if they were part of our company.
Managing Partner VIRIDIS
We would like to thank Nest Invest for their commendable operations, offering professional investment advisory services that combine their valuable expertise and a focus on achieving results, leading to successful involvement with the relevant target demographic and the formulation of robust tactics.
General Manager VIRIDIS