28 October 2023

Types of Houses: Which One Is Best for You?

Types of Houses: Which One Is Best for You? Types of Houses: Which One Is Best for You?

Let's get ready to look at a variety of possibilities if you're considering purchasing a new home! Knowing the various types of houses, from single-family homes to condos and everything in between, will help you choose the one that will work best for you. Do you desire total secrecy? Would you like to encounter other inhabitants in communal places frequently? Would you like to own a space you could rent out to get some extra money? And what style of architecture will help you transform a house into a home? Let's dive into the different types of houses with Nest Invest and help you choose the best one for you.

Types of Houses: Which One Is Best for You

What Are the Types of Houses?

1. Single-Family Residences: When it comes to various types of houses, one of the most popular and desired house types is a single-family home. Single-family residences are standalone residential structures. A single-family residence does not have a shared wall with another structure. The land and building are normally owned by a single-family house owner.

2. Semi-Detached Homes: A semi-detached home is a single-family residence with a single exterior wall. Semi-detached homes share only one wall with their neighbors, unlike townhomes, where neighbors can be on both sides of your house. Additionally, each home usually has a similar design.

3. Multifamily Homes: A multifamily home is a residential building with multiple dwellings. All types of houses in this category usually have separate main entrances, cooking areas, and bathrooms for each unit.

4. Townhomes: Townhomes are multi-story buildings with a kitchen, bathroom, and entrance all to themselves. Unless they are at the end of a complex, townhomes share two walls with their neighbors. The terms "townhome" and "townhouse" are sometimes used synonymously.

5. Apartments: When researching what are the types of houses popular in Turkey, apartments are probably one of the most common types of houses on the market. An apartment is a space inside a structure comprising other apartments with a similar aesthetic. A tenant does not accrue any equity while paying rent because they rent an apartment from a landlord. Although all leases are different, many landlords are in charge of repairing and improving the leased property. Some apartment complexes offer amenities like a pool, gym, or laundry facility in the common areas.

6. Condominiums (Condos): Different types of houses and styles are preferred by homeowners, depending on their lifestyles and investment choices. Condominiums, often known as condos, are structures made up of individually owned units. They may have the appearance and feel of an apartment complex or neighborhood. A condo owner, in contrast to an apartment owner, owns the interior of their unit and is increasing equity with each mortgage payment. A homeowners association typically oversees the common space, and homeowners are charged fees to cover associated costs.

7. Tiny Homes: Generally speaking, tiny homes range in size from 5 to 40 square meters, though they can get as large as just under 55 square meters. Since they have gained popularity, tiny homes come in various styles. Numerous are prefabricated with unique external and interior characteristics and advantages that can make little living livable.

8. Manufactured houses: Manufactured houses are residences constructed in factories. Manufactured homes can be installed in permanent and temporary places and are attached to a permanent chassis with wheels.

9. Duplex: A duplex is a single building with two separate living areas connected by a wall. Although a duplex is one property, it can be sold to two owners. When there are several owners, they must work together to make choices about the property. Because an owner can live in one unit while renting out the other, this is one of the more popular home types for persons who want to dabble in investment property.

10. Mobile Home: Mobile homes, also known as trailers, are typically erected in one area for long-term habitation after being produced in a factory. Single-wide mobile homes are often 5 meters wide or less and 8 meters long or less, whereas double-wide mobile houses are typically 6 meters wide and 27 meters long or less. Mobile houses are not designed to be moved from place to place like an RV or motorhome. There is a difference between a manufactured home and a mobile home, despite some individuals using the terms interchangeably.

11. Mansion: A mansion is an enormous home. These homes are typically 500 square meters or larger architectural behemoths with opulent features like grand staircases, multiple-vehicle garages, and wine cellars. Depending on the area, certain requirements must be met for a residence to qualify as a mansion.

12. Ranch Homes: Popular single-family homes are ranch homes. Although raised ranches are theoretically two levels, they are typically one-story buildings. A ranch-style home is defined by its long, low-pitched roof, big front windows, and semi-open floor layout and is typically wider than deep.

Be it an apartment, a single-family home, or a tiny house, Nest Invest is ready to assist you in all of your real estate purchasing needs with its expert team.