06 December 2023

Various Types of Land

Various Types of Land Various Types of Land

Buying land is among the best options for individuals who want to make investments. But finding land that's suitable for you sometimes turns out to be a challenging task. If any of our readers are unsure which land would be best for them, we have created a guide for different types of land that may help you through. The Nest Invest family has put together a types of land guide where you can discover the answers to all of your land-related queries.

What Is the Definition of Land?

The divided area inside the city limits that can be used to construct structures is referred to as land. Those looking to make long-term investments now prefer to invest in land, which has become a popular investment in recent years. Your first step in making the proper investment will be selecting the appropriate sort of land. So how many types of land are there? Let's find out.

What Are the Different Types of Land?

Zoned Land: Zoned land is defined by the Real Estate Tax Law in Turkey as the kind of land that permits building construction. Depending on the circumstances, buildings on designated properties might be residential or commercial, including schools and hospitals. The value of zoned land is varied and dependent on numerous factors. Nest Invest can help you find the best zoned land to invest in according to your preferences and budget.

Unzoned Land: Land that is undeveloped is unsuitable for construction. Unzoned land can only be designated as land if it is part of the Zoning Directorate's application. Zoned lands have a higher value than untamed property. If all requirements are satisfied, undeveloped land may be made available for development after undergoing the required process. Types of land use in this form of land may be for agricultural purposes.

Commercial Land: Other types of land for sale that investors frequently pursue is commercial land. Commercial lands usually have business buildings like cafes, restaurants, retail stores, and malls.

Public Land: Public land belongs to the government, not to specific people, and is used for the construction or location of buildings intended for the public's use and benefit.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Land

  • The first thing you should consider when choosing between types of land property is its accessibility to major roads, whether it is level or inclined, its distance from high-voltage wires, and whether it is located in a recreational area.
  • When buying land, you must receive the necessary documentation about the land's zoning status for the previous year from the zoning directorate.
  • A piece of land is not automatically developable just because it has a title deed. Getting zoning status information from the Zoning and Urbanization Directorate of the municipality that owns the land will be helpful.
  • Purchasing land is a long-term investment best done in rural areas open to development.
  • The borders of the land must be established by cadastre once it has been purchased.
  • A commitment from the other shareholders must be obtained before a notary if you purchase a share from a shared land.
  • You should consider the profit margin on the land you wish to purchase before investing in it.
  • You must consider where the land in question is located. For example, its closeness to the center, the surrounding highways, the transit hubs, and the housing developments are all factors you need to consider before investing in a certain piece of land.