12 December 2023

Advantages of Buying Property in Turkey

Advantages of Buying Property in Turkey Advantages of Buying Property in Turkey

Are you imagining a vacation house in Turkey? Turkey could be a fantastic option for you whether you want to move, retire, or make investments. Our vast nation offers a variety of vibrant cities and stunning coastline resorts, along with excellent weather. Its affordable real estate must be one of its main draws. Here's what you need to know about buying property in Turkey. For more information on the matter, contact our expert sales team here at Nest Invest.

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Turkey?

To purchase real estate in Turkey, you are not required to be a citizen or resident of Turkey. Foreigners may still need to apply for a visa or residence permission in order to live in Turkey, even if they own a property there. Before beginning their research on property in Turkey to buy, foreign buyers should know about a few restrictions. First of all, in Turkey, foreign nationals cannot purchase properties larger than 30 hectares. In addition, property purchases or rentals are not allowed in military zones and prohibited areas. Buying a house in Turkey has many advantages, so let's dive into the details now.

Advantages of Buying Property in Turkey

Location: Turkey is located between Asia and Europe, almost in the globe's center. Easy access to Turkey is made possible by its transportation network from nearly anywhere in the world; therefore, it provides an advantageous aspect of buying property in Turkey for foreigners.

Affordability & Simple Payment Plans: Benefits of buying property in Turkey include great options for a lucrative investment at a fair price. Comparable properties in other European countries are significantly more expensive than those in Turkey. Because of the fluctuations in currency rates, you can buy a house in Turkey at a fair price.

Many Properties to Select From: There are many different types of properties available in Turkey's real estate market (İlgili blog yazısı yayınlandığında link verilecek), catering to all price ranges. There are many possibilities available to foreigners buying property in Turkey.

Outstanding Value Per Square Meter: Compared to most European nations, Turkey offers cheaper property costs and square meter values. Rates decrease much more when you depart from the busiest city in Turkey. This suggests that there is a sizable market for long-term, lucrative investments. This is a great investment moment with the Turkish Lira's current exchange rate against other currencies.

Easy Purchasing Process: In recent years, the Turkish government has simplified the purchasing process. These days, choosing a property and signing the title deed can be completed in as little as one week.

Culture & Hospitality: Turkey is home to many different civilizations, as well as historic restaurants, breathtaking landscapes, and fascinating ancient sites. Foreigners have mentioned the relaxed lifestyle and affordable cost of living as the main reasons they choose to own real estate in Turkey. Most large cities offer cultural events, such as concerts, museums, and exhibits. Coastal cities can host sporting and cultural events, historical landmarks, and cultural activities.

Health tourism: Public and private healthcare access is easily affordable for foreigners. Turkey's standing in the fields of ophthalmology, plastic surgery, and dentistry is rapidly growing. It is a popular destination for foreign visitors due to its highly skilled, qualified, and experienced surgeons. Compared to other nations, Turkey's private hospitals are favored due to their favorable service quality and affordable costs.

Profitable Investment: Turkey is renowned as a global investment hub with various investment choices. Turkey is a very profitable country to invest in real estate because property and rental property values are increasing annually.

Looking for ways to buy real estate in Turkey? Look no further. We here at Nest Invest are ready to cater to all of your real estate needs and demands to find the perfect property investment for you in our beautiful country.