09 December 2023

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

What Does Home Insurance Cover? What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance is a type of insurance that protects your home against natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires, or artificial disasters such as theft. Home insurance ensures your home as a structure and against damage to the items inside. This type of insurance is issued annually for a certain fee based on the value of your home and belongings determined by the insurance company. However, you have the right to renew your policy every year for as long as you wish. So what does home insurance cover in Turkey, and why is it so important? Let's dig into the details.

What Is Home Insurance?

Before explaining the details of home insurance coverage, let's look into the answer of the question what is home insurance. Home insurance is a comprehensive type of insurance that protects your house and its belongings against many risks, from natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes to theft and fire. Home insurance allows the insured to avoid major expenses in case of any danger or damage to the home. This type of insurance is not mandatory. Not only homeowners but also tenants can benefit from home insurance. Even if they are not the house's owners, those who live in it can insure their belongings with this insurance. What does homeowners insurance cover in Turkey is another popular question homeowners and tenants wonder about.

What Does Home Insurance Cover in Turkey?

The services covered by home insurance are quite wide. Does home insurance cover storm damage and does home insurance cover foundation repair are some of the most searched questions when it comes to this type of insurance. Damages that may occur due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, fire, flood, volcanic eruption, storm, hail, and snow weight are a part of this insurance. Theft, indoor plumbing, and debris removal costs are also included in the coverage. However, additional coverage is evaluated according to the framework determined by the insurance company. Here are some of the basic damages and risks that home insurance usually covers as default:

  • Fire, lightning, snowfall, hail, landslide, storm, explosion
  • Flood
  • Problems with indoor water systems
  • Damages resulting from strikes, lockouts, terrorism, civil unrest
  • Smoke, fuel leak
  • Land, sea and air vehicle collision
  • Debris removal costs
  • Theft
  • Glass & mirror breakage
  • Electronic device coverage
  • Alternative residence and moving expenses
  • Third party liability
  • Mugging, robbery & pickpocketing coverage
  • Guarantee for belongings of third parties in the house

In addition, coverage such as water leakage from the aquarium, plumbing problems, air conditioning maintenance, repair once a year, and locksmith services may also be included in the policy. If you're wondering what does homeowners insurance cover and not cover, remember that you can easily track which risks are covered by home insurance through your insurance policy once your membership is created.

Why Purchase Home Insurance?

One of the main opportunities home insurance offers is to avoid financial losses in the face of natural disasters. Even if building owners or tenants secure their homes and belongings, sudden natural disasters can cause serious and unexpected damage. Thanks to house insurance, it is possible to take precautions against damage caused by many disasters, from earthquakes to floods, landslides to storms. For example, if you're wondering does home insurance cover roof replacement, we can state that your home insurance policy will cover all of the costs to repair your roof after a natural disaster damage. In addition to the items you use daily in your home, there may be special items you value much more. You can insure these valuable belongings against damage and theft by purchasing home insurance. Thanks to the additional coverage included in the policy, the belongings of other people in the house and the insured are protected in case of any danger. Sometimes, a problem in your building or home may cause different damages. For example, both plumbing and property may be damaged due to a burst boiler or water pipes. In this case, the insurance covers the cost of all damages according to the conditions specified in the policy. Contact us at Nest Invest to learn more about home insurance coverage in Turkey and your insurance options.